Multiple Spacer

Product Details

Rebar Dia Max 10 mm
Packing per Bag 2000 (Nos)
Material Concrete
Colour Grey
Cover Size 15-20 mm
Packing Type Bag
I deal in New Only

Spacer helps to maintain proper cover to steel reinforcement from external environments against corrosion. Spacer ensures adequate bond area so that stresses from concrete is transferred to steel No gaps due to homogeneous property.

Use For :

  • 2 different size concrete covers per spacing are available.
  • The different covers are marked on the spacer surface to avoid wrong installation.
  • Low formwork contact
  • Application for horizontal reinforcement

Specifications :

Cover Size mm Rebar Dia Max mm Packing per Bag (Nos)
15-20 10 2000
20-25 12 1000
20-25-30 12 400
20-25-40-50 16 150
30-35 16 400