Lokhandwala Cement Products is a name that has always been associated with quality products, which are always high on performance and durability. We consistently look forward to manufacture, supply extremely flawless products like P.V.C. Footsteps, R.C.C Pipes, P.V.C. Manhole Covers, C.I. Manhole Covers, etc.

We follow stringent and rigorous quality analysis starting from the very first step of selection of raw materials till the time the products are ready for their final dispatch. Raw materials employed like cement, sand, steel, plastic, PP granules, spring steel sheets, etc. are purchased only from reputed market vendors.

Our products are not only economical but are also extremely strong and this makes them durable for a lifetime. We aim to expand our operations worldwide and therefore we keep an eagle's eye in each and every development that takes place in the technological sphere. We invent new techniques and update our quality systems regularly to ensure there is no loophole in our processes. The idea is to reach you with a commitment to quality.

We use raw materials which confirm to related Indian Standards like

  • Cement confirming to IS: 12269 : 1987

  • Aggregates confirming to IS: 383

  • Reinforcement confirming to IS: 1786

  • Water confirming to IS: 456

  • Concrete confirming to IS: 456

  • Admixture confirming to IS: 9103

Our Quality System

  • We have a team of skilled staff for achieving our goal with best quality and fast service with N. C. Q. (No Compromise with Quality)

  • We have good technical consultants (Cement & Concrete Scientists) for our precast industry

  • We have good and efficient technical staff for performing quality work. Our technical staff gets training time to time from in-house and outside sources

  • We have our own load testing machine for testing our manhole cover & gratings as per IS: 12592:2002. Its capacity is up to 50 tonnes

  • Our products are also tested by recognized govt. organizations. Our products have achieved test results as per required specifications

  • We test our raw materials & finished products day to day and maintain its record for our knowledge and research work

  • We have established a process of manufacturing of high density and well compacted concrete in our unit. We have dual vibration made vibrating system. It gives high strength and low voids concrete which is required for higher durability

  • We cure our products by dipping them in water tanks for minimum 14 days

  • We have sufficient arrangements for curing our products.